으로 끝나는 메일이 있길래 열어봤더니 스팸인것 같습니다.

이런 스팸은 처음이라.. 재밌어서 올려둡니다. 대강 자기네 회사에서 일자리를 줄테니 와라. 이런 내용입니다.
이게 만약에 스팸이 아니면 아일랜드에서 일하지 않겠냐는건데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 참 황당합니다.
별에별 스팸이 다있네요.

보고 싶으신 분들은 열어보세요.ㅋㅋㅋ
[#M_ more.. | less.. | Hi


name is Jen Craven and I work for the Microsoft Global Product Development
Recruitment Team here in Dublin, Ireland.  I located your details on a web
search I performed this morning and decided to contact you in relation to a
number of opportunities that we have here in Microsoft Ireland. We are looking
for only the best developers and technical managers worldwide to come join us


Global Product Development team is looking for strong Development, test, and
Program Manager (PM) candidates to build 3 new startup teams in Dublin,
Ireland, dealing with online Experimentation, distributed computing, and
Windows Mobile applications. There are no problems obtaining work visas here in
Ireland and we will apply for you.


team is a locally managed 30-person development team, and in addition to the
jobs below, they are also looking for a Lead Software Development Engineer in
Test (LSDET) and a Test Manager (TM), covering all of the teams, as well as a
Program Manager for the adCenter team. Additional PM, SDE, and SDET positions
will be opening up during the next few months.


your skills and experience I’m wondering if you would know of anyone that
may be interested in these roles. Perhaps you might be interested in one of
these roles yourself? You can read about the team and these roles in detail on
our website,


CVs should be sent in application to and please mention
where you first read about these roles.


for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon!




#1: Experimentation Platform

positions: Lead SDE, SDE, SDET


Experimentation Platform enables product groups at Microsoft to innovate using
controlled experiments with live users. The platform allows teams to test new
ideas quickly using the best-known scientific method for establishing causality
between a feature and its effects: randomized experimental design.
Experimentation, when used properly, encourages more agile design and release
cycles and can literally transform the way we produce software in the online
space.


#2: Edge Computing Network

positions: Lead SDE, SDE, SDET, PM


on the edge, literally! We are building core management components for
Microsoft’s next-generation Edge Computing Network (ECN) for Windows
Live, MSN, and other Microsoft sites. Our ECN platform features data
center-level reliability and security, and we are leading the change in how
software and services are viewed and consumed by developers, consumers, and
businesses around the world


#3: Mobile Applications (Windows Mobile 7)

positions: Lead SDE, SDE, SDET, PM


new mobile applications team is working at the intersection of
Microsoft’s “Mobile” and “Live” strategies,
building key features for social networking, communications platform,
commercialization, and other areas, as part of Windows Mobile 7.