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I got a big LCD for a trackback event!. Thanks.

사용자 삽입 이미지
Black and simple design is very good. At first time I got this, I think I’ll give it to my girl friend. then I changed my mind. I use this, and I’ll give my current lcd to my girl friend. But… this morning, my mother and father saw this, and said “Give it to me”, and I said “Hm… yes..but, not this one, just take my current lcd. this is mine”, After all I use this now, and my parent use my legacy lcd. Sorry my lady. I’ll present another things. 😉

Anyway, yesterday’s conference was very tired to me. The session’s time was too short to concentrate on the subject. And except one place, another places are too small to take so many peoples. I saw three sessions on the bottom. So, I had to relax some time, and I miss some sessions. T.T

Even though I feel tired, I can feel something good also. Through the session’s I can saw good presentations and feel very hot energy from many peoples. Also, I met some good developers in ‘The Night of The Java Developers’. From them I feld good and envious things. I want be like them and I’ll do my best. First, I will restart offline study!! That’s why I attended there. Not for a LCD. 🙂

Thanks for reading this short and ugly english post.
Have a good day.