Is this a spam?

if this is not a spam, send me email again with more detail info.

어제 메일을 받고 저렇게 답장을 보내놨습니다. 그랬더니 아래와 같이 답장이 왔습니다.

Hi there,

No this is not spam 🙂 I’m
not sure of your exact background, but we are looking for core tech
developers and technical managers to come work here in Ireland for
Microsoft. All of the roles are described in detail on the microsite
Would you like to know anything further? If you could send me on an up
to date copy of your resume, I could work with you to find which role
would potentially be most interesting for you?
– Jen

마이크로소프트 아일랜드 지사인가.. 캬캬캬캬
이력서 뭘 쓸께 있어야 쓰지.. 내참 -_-;;