090731 Unit 5, 6 정리

Unit 5. Past simple(I did)

과거형은 보통 -ed가 붙는다.
불규칙하게 변하는 동사들도 많다.
의문문 또는 부정문을 만들 때 did/didn’t를 사용한다.
do를 주동사로 사용할 때 didn’t do/What did you do
be 동사의 과거형은 was/were(주의 할 건, you는 단수든 복수든 were)
I/he/she/it was
we/you/the were

외울 문장

1. Did you go out last night or were you too tired?
2. Yes, I went to the cinema, but I didn’t enjoy the film much
3. I didn’t do anything.
4. Was the weather good when you were on holiday?

틀린 문제 7

I never have lunch –> 과거형으로(she)
=> She didn’t have lunch.

She never had lunch라고 써서 땡.

불규칙 동사 변화
teach -> taught
catch -> caught
spend -> spent
leave -> left

___________? Yes, but it was very hot – sometimes too hot.
=> Was the weather good?

yes it was로 대답을 했으니 Was로 물어봐야 한다.

Unit 6. Post continuous(I was doing)

과거 진행형: 과거에 무엇을 하던 중이었을 때 사용한다.
과거는 이미 종료된 상황을 말한다.
주로 과거와 과거 진행형을 같이 사용해서 과거에 무엇을 하던 중에 어떤 일이 있었다는 것을 표현한다.
순차적인 발생한 사건들을 이야기 할 떄는 과거형을 사용한다.
특정 동사는 과거 진행형을 사용하지 못한다.(Unit 4 참조)

외울 문장

1. What were you doing at 10 o’clock last night?
2. It was raining when I got up
3. I hurt my back while I was walking in the garden
4. I saw Dave. So I stopped, and we had a chat.
5. We knew each other well.

틀린 문제 3

I ____(cycle) home yearterday when a man ____ (step) out into the road in front of me.
=> was cycling, stepped

나머지 두 개는 역시 인칭 문제

Were you 인데, was you 라고 쓴 것.