20080703 GMP


Community 커뮤너리: 지역사회
Naomi Campbell 네오미 캠벌
Super Model 수퍼 마를
Community Service: 사회봉사
punishment: 벌
rage: 격노
air rage: 공항 난동
arrangement: 기소 사실 인부 절차
in-person: 혼자

200 hours of community service and 8700 dollors that’s the punishment for Naomi Campbell’s air rage. The super model showed up in-person for her rondon arrangment.

Screen English(Dan in love)

Who are you?
I’m Marti B~
Anyway I’d like to specially thank you for last friday’s column. It really helped me to understand my parents.
Thank you. What else can I do for you?
I’d like to see your daughter, If I could.

Pop’s English(I’m yours)

open up your mind and see like me.
open up your plans and damn you are free.
look into your heart and you will find
love love love love.

Talk Play Love(~하지 않는게 좋아)

You don’t wanna know.
You don’t wanna give up.
You don’t wanna go back.
You don’t wanna date her.
You don’t wanna dump me.
You don’t wanna order that.
You don’t wanna live lijke that.
You don’t wanna quit your job.

Sound Sound Play

[아우] 앞에 c가 오면 캬 발음

cow 캬우
coward 캬워드
council 캬운슬: 시의회
You are such a coward

Today Expression

질질 끌다 = drag ~’s feet.
The construction is going on. I think it should have been now.
I think they are dragging thier feet.

제대로 하라 = act right