20080705 GMP


British 브리티쉬(영), 브리리쉬(미)
ended 엔딛
decided to 디싸디투
heartbroken 상심한
auction off 경매에 내놓다
possessions 소유물

And this British man saids, he is so heartbroken after marriage ended. He is decided to auction off more than just his possessions on ebay. He wants to sell his old life.

Screen English

This is humiliating?
Tell me about it.(=You know I agree with you. = I know. = 내 말이 그 말이야.)
OK. You are grounded for a month.
A month? But that’s worse then forever. OK dead. Why?
You lied to me.
Yes well… You can’t handle the truth.


I’ve been spending a way to long(난 너무 많은 시간을 소비했어.) checking my tung in the mirror and bending over backwards just to try to see it clearer My breath fogged up the glass And so I drew a new face and laughed.

Talk Play Learn Review

Do you know anyone who can cook?(~사람 알어?)
Do you know what I like?(~ 알어?)
You don’t wanna know? (~하지 않는게 좋을 껄)
I’ve gotto hurry. (~해야 만 해)

sky 스까이
skirt 스껄트
speak 스삐~ㅋ
spill 스삘
stop 스땁
store 스또~어
cow 캬우
coward 캬월드
tree 츠리
trace 츠레이스
travel 츠레블

put something on ice
two of kind
in a nut shell
drive one’s feet
all set?