20080707 GMP


skyscraper 마천루, 초고층빌딩(mega building)
pie in the sky 그림의 떡(=pipe dream)
floors 바닦
revolving 회전하는

Is it a skyscraper of the future or just a pie in the sky idea? It’s an 80 stories residential tower with revolving floors.

Screen English

I think your sisters are’t really happy.
Why do you think so?
You are a good father but sometimes bad dad.
Who told you said that? You can tell me.
No. I maded it up myself.

Pop’s English(She’s so high)

She is blood, flesh and born.
No types of silicon.
She is touch, smell, sight, taste and sound.

Talk Play Learn

내가 ~면 좋겠어.
I wish I were a puppy.
I wish I were a man.
I wish I were a woman.
I wish I were a teenager.
I wish I were the president.
I wish I were her boyfriend.
I wish I were a time travler.
I wish I were a alabian prince.
I wish I were computer savvy.

Sound Sound Play

d 다음에 r이 오면 드르가 아니라 듀..
dry 듀라이
drive 듀라이브
dream 듀림
draw 듀러
drag 듀렉
drama 듀라마

Learn More

감잡다  = I have a hunch(hint = clue = idea).