20080708 GMP


fruit ㅍ룻.
more and more 모렌모어
each year 이치이어
crops 크뢉: 농작물(돈을 벌게 해주는 식물, plants는 그냥 자라는 식물)
pollination: 수분

Many fruits, nuts and berry crops depend on honey bees for pollination, but more and more bee colonies are diying each year.

Screen English

She just needs some space.
That’s not what she needs.
Yes she does. From the sound of things you all do. Why don’t you go get the papers.
Oh.. mom..
Ye. Go on. It would do you good. Get lost.

Pop’s English

But some how I can’t believe that anything should happen.
I know where I belong and nothings gonna happen.
She is so high~

Talk Play Learn

너 ~~하지 않니?(이미 알면서 물어보기)
Aren’t you ~

Aren’t you full?
Aren’t you sorry?
Aren’t you dizzy?
Aren’t you happy?
Aren’t you sleepy?
Aren’t you health?
Aren’t you hungry?

Sound Sound Play

자음이 겹치면 자음을 한 번만 발음한다.
running 러닝
Emma 에마
Madonna 마다나
Sommer 써머ㄹ
Manner 매너

Bit around the bush. = 핵심을 찌르지 못하고 변죽을 울리다.
ex) Please don’t bit around the bush. Tell me the truth.
be wasted = 술에 꼴아 박은
She is totally wasted.