20080715 GMP


prime minister 수상
publicly 공공연하게
troops 군대

For the first time publicly, Iraq’s prime minister wants to know when American troops will be leaving his country.

Screen English

So what sould we do?
It’s kind of funny. Maybe we sould just tell anyone.
No nononono.
We didn’t do anythong wrong. It was just sweety.
Oh good. hey~ You guys are getting to know each other.
(I’m) Just showing her where we are on the map.

Pop’s English

Just a smile, there is no way back.
Can hardly believe it. But there is an angel calling me reaching(사로잡다) for my heart.

Talk Play Learn

I would rather not ~ (~하지 않는게 낫겠어)
I’d rather not say.
I’d rather not drink.
I’d rather not sleep.
I’d rather not call her.
I’d rather not buy this.
I’d rather not stay here.
I’d rather not meet him.
I’d rather not invite them.
I’d rather not take the call.

Sound Sound Play

k 다음에 u,p가 오면 ‘끄’

kick up 피껍
drink up 드링껍
make up 메이껍
wake up 웨이껍
lock up 루껍
back up 베껍

Today Expression

off the record = 비공식 적으로