20080716 GMP


health officials 보건 공무원
cilantro ‘고수’라는 향식료
suspected 의심 받은
contaminate 오염시키다
add A to B

-ria 군, 집단, 장소
-ate 만들다

health officials this week added fresh jallopino peppers and cilantro to the list of suspected food contaminated by vacteria the list also include some tomatos.

Screen English

I think we can stop asking her questions. We’ve been grilling her all day.
I’m sorry. Does it feel like we are grilling you?
No no no no not at all.
Yes we are. She is just beeing nice.
No no no no. I love the questions.
Oh please. On behalf of my familiy, I would like to apologize.

Pops English

Now I lay my love on you. It’s all I wanna do. Everytime I breath, I feel brand new.
You open up my heart. Show me all your love. And walk by through as my love on you.

Talk Play Learn

Can I have ~ (~해도 될까요?)

Can I have a bite?
Can I have a sip?(한 모금 마셔봐도 돼?)
Can I have a ride?
Can I hava a refill?
Can I hava a sit here?
Can I hava a doggy bag?
Can I hava a glass of water?
Can I have minute with you?

Sound Sound Play

v 다음에 a가 오면 ‘버’

driver [드라이버]
Can you move a[무버] bit to the right?
give a [기버]
recieve a [리시버]
slove a [솔버]
save a [세이버]

Today Expression

match made in haven = 천생연분