20080728 GMP


I recently visited California Silicon Vally and a new hightech startup. No not computers, it’s a car company. And All they wanna do is change the world. “And an electronic sports car? That’s right!”

Screen English

a.k.a(also known as): 또한 ~라고 알려진

Look. I’m not your parents. But I think you should know love is a dangerous feeling.
No Sir.
Are you arguing with me?
Love is not a feeling. It’s an ability.

Pop’s English

You look so dump right now.
Standing outside my house.
Trying to apology you are so ugly when you cry.
Please just cut it out.(=knock it off)

Talk Play Learn

I enjoied ~ing
I enjoied staying here.
I enjoied talking to you.
I enjoied studying history.
I enjoied working with you.
I enjoied walking with you.
I enjoied reading this book.
I enjoied watching the movie.

공공연한 비밀 = Open secret