20080731 GMP


stamp 승인
sue 쑤: 고소하다
products 프로닥츠

The federal trade commission(FTC) wants tobacco compannies to remove its stamp of approval for those tests. The proposal could open the door for the FTC to sue companies that call their products light or raw tar.

Screen English

I see her every day. I see her in your goodnees Jein, and Kera your passion, and Rilly your eyes and your smiles. So here is what I’m going to do. I’m grounding myself here for life. I’m sticking with you. I’m gonna be with you.

Pop’s English

See your pretty face in the sunshine.
In the morning after staying up all night.
I want to wake you. just here you tell me. “It’s all right”

Talk Play Learn

I want you to (네가 ~ 해주길 바래)
I want you to join us.
I want you to know this.
I want you to promise me.
I want you to quit smoking.
I want you to remember me.
I want you to practice more.
I want you to take a message.
I want you to have confidence

Learn More

끝마치다. 포장하다. = wrap up
Would you wrap this up as a gift?
Lets’s wrap up the meeting.