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coud be
nutrition 영양, 음식물
mal– 안좋은 잘못된
malnourished 영양실조의
ready to use 바로 사용할 수 있는
Doctors Without Borders 국경없는 의사회

Every year more then 5 milion children under age 5 die of nutrition related causes. Doctors Without Borders says, this anuar death could be redused by giving malnourished children ready to use foods.

Screen English

Something is in the house with us. Out uncle knew this. That’s why he wrote this book.
I’m a little lost. Who needs to be peaced? Brauni?
No a Bagart?
So. Brauni and Bagart?

Pop’s English

I’ll be your dream. I’ll be your wish. I’ll be your fantasy.
I’ll be your hope. I’ll be your love. (I’ll) be everything that you need.

Talk Play Learn

Let’s not ~ (~하지 말자.)
Let’s not do it.
Let’s not argue.
Let’s not rush.
Let’s not go there.
Let’s not smoke here.
Let’s not drink anymore.
Let’s not hate each other.
Let’s not make any noise.

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영원히~ == for good.