20080825 GMP


Manhatton 맨햍은
department 디팔ㅌ먼트
vehicle 비어클, 비히클
install 인스떨
scan 스깬
license plat 자동차 번호판

A new plan intended to protect Manhatton. The police department(PD) is
installing technology to scan a photograph the license plate of all
vehicles coming on to the island.

Screen English

He is not coming easy.
He is with someone else. He is moved in with her.
He is not getting back with mom. He is not.
Mom wanted to him to tell you himself.
She is been waitng for him to say.

Pop’s English(Officially missing you)

All I here is rain drops falling on the roof top.
oh.. baby tell me why did you have to go.
cause this pain I’m feeling won’t go away and today I’m officially missing you.

Talk Play Learn

I saw her ~ing(나 그녀가 ~ 하는거 봤어.)
I saw her yelling.
I saw her drinving.
I saw her singing.
I saw her dancing.
I saw her cheating.
I saw her studying.
I saw her whispering.
I saw her running away.

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Do you get the picture = 알겠어?