20080828 GMP


system 시스뜸
gas pedal 가속페달(=accelerator)

With eco-pedal systems swiched on, acceleration activates a machanism that pushes back on the gas pedal when drivers speeing up too quickly.

Screen English

The circle is about to be broken. Plz come out.
What is going on?
Mom, You’ve got to belive me.
No nono One more word or something …, I swear I’ll do something.
But I hide the book. They’ll never find it.

Pop’s English

In a little while from now, if I’m not feeling any less sour, I promise myself to treat myself and visit a nearby tower.
좀 뒤에도, 참단한 기분이 나아지지 않으면, 근처 타워로 올라갈거다.

Talk Play Learn

I’m allergic to ~ (~에 알레르기 있어.)
I’m allergic to dogs.
I’m allergic to follen.
I’m allergic to amonds.
I’m allergic to sun light.
I’m allergic to pitches.
I’m allergic to fish.
I’m allergic to math.
I’m allergic to sports.

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먹다 남은 음식 = left overs.