20081218 GMP


What really makes these bots unique is the technology used to control them. A simple moile phone is all it takes to send the bots on the way.


포: Maybe I should just quit and go back to making noodles.
사부: Quit? don’t quit. Noodles? don’t noodles.
You‘re too concerned with what was and what will be.
There is a sayng. “Yester is a history. Tomorrow is a mistery, but today is a present.”
That is why it is called present.

Pop (John Lennon-Love)

Love is real. Real is a love.
Love is feeling. feeling love.
Love is wanting to be loved.


I don’t watch~
I don’t watch debates.
I don’t watch tv at all.
I don’t watch award shows.
I don’t watch sports on tv.
I don’t watch violant movies.
I don’t watch animated movies.
I don’t watch american tv dramas.