20081224 GMP


Director Scott derrickson believes science fiction continues to provide film makers with a way to entertain audiences but also address important social issues.


팬더: I stayed because I thought If anyone could change me could make me not me. It was you. The greatest kung-fu teacher in all of China.
사부: But I can change you. I can turn you into the dragon worrior. And I will.
팬더: Come on. Tylon is on his way here right now. Even if It takes him a hundres years to get here, How are you gonna change this into dragon worrior?

It takes + 사람 + 시간 + to ~ : 누가 ~하는데 얼마나 걸린다.


I won’t ask for a much this cristmas.
I won’t even wish for snow
I’m just keep on waiting underneath the mistletoe.
I won’t make a list and send it to north pole for saint nig.
I won’t even stay awake to hear those magic sounds.
All I want for cristmas is you.

mistletoe 밑에서 키스하면 사랑이 이루어진다는 얘기가 있덴다.


I was about to ~ : ~ 하려던 참이었다.
I was about to leave.
I was about to call you.
I was about to say that.
I was about to fall a sleep.
I was about to throw it out.
I was about to make breakfast for you.
I was about to buy this one.