20090317 GMP

모닝 단어

빨래할 때 주의하세요: Be careful when you do the laundry.
쫙 빼입었구나: You all dressed up.
잘 어울린다: goes well
유행이 지났다: old fashion, out of style
옷이 너무 야하다: loud
garment: 의복, 긴 웃옷
outfit: 여성 의상
gear: 기능성 옷
suit: 정장
dress up: 갖춰입다

스크린 잉글리쉬

할아범: tell your old grandfa. What’s on your mind~?(무슨 생각하니?) I know somnething is.
꼬마: I want to have a big advanture.
all for(대찬성) <-> against

팝스 잉글리쉬

Duffy – Stepping Stone
they bring you back to my life again.
I put on a face(난 기쁜척 하고 있어요) just like a friend.
But I think you know ~~

Talk Play Learn

Do you remember ~?
Do you remember your first date with her?
Do you remember your first day in Seoul?
Do you remember your neighbors in LA?
Do you remember the recipe for 미역국?