20090319 GMP

모닝 단어

briefcase: 얇은 서류 가방
satchel: 큰 가방, 학생 가방
suitcase: 여행가방
barf bag: 멀미 봉투
pack: 짐을 꾸리다

purse: 장지갑
sudo trolley: 바튀 달린 가방
plastic bag: 비닐 봉지

Did you begin the pack up?: 짐 싸기 시작했니?

in the bag: 매우 확실한
bottom of bag: 최후의 수단
let the cat out of the bag: 비밀이 새어 나가다

스크린 잉글리쉬

They took a rocket to the moon mommy.
What did you say?
Rocket, He clearly said rocket.
I heard moon.
What’s today is date?
Please not now.
Today is the day the humans sending a man to the moon.
Let’s going to the moon. Let’s going to the moon.

오늘이 무슨 요일이야? What day is it today?
오늘이 몇일이야? What’s today is date?

팝스 잉글리쉬

When a man loves a woman

When a man loves a woman,
can’t keep his mind on nothing else
he’d trade world for a good thing he’s found.

Talk Play Learn

He is such a ~.
He is such a pet lover.
He is such a pessimist.
He is such a worker holic.
He is such a people person.(사교적)
He is such a penny pinchur.(구두쇠)