20090324 GMP

모닝 단어

office supplies: 사무 용품
stationery: 문구류, 편지지
envelope: 동봉하다
highlighter: 형광펜
organizer: 다이어리

내일 비품을 주문해야 돼: We need to order office supplies
스테이플로 종이를 박았습니다.: I stapled papers.

스크린 잉글리쉬

This breaking news just in(방금 들어온 소식이다).
We now have photos from American space mission.
American astronout has made it to(~까지 가다) the moon before Russia.
Klemlin very embrassed.

How (did) happen this to us? Someone tell me about this.
I want anwser not yesterday today.
I’ll explain comlade.
I’m waiting.

Hi grandma grandfa we did it.
We are headed for the moon.

팝스 잉글리쉬

This sea of heartbreak. lost love and lonelyness.
Memories of your caress so devined.
I wish that you were mine again my deer.
I’m on the sea of tears sea of heartbreak.

Talk Play Learn

How soon can you ~ ?(얼마나 빨리~할 수 있니?)

How soon can you finish this?
How soon can you deliver it?
How soon can you get it back?