[BBC News] Golden Glove winners announced


James Cameron, who’s spent the past five years working on Avatar, was names the best director. The firm, whitch is on course to become the highest grossing of all time, is now considered to be in poll position.

The Handover, a firm aound a stag party in Las Vegas, won the aword for best comedy. Jeff Bridge, who plays a country music singer of the firm Crazy Heart, was named the best actor. And Marln Streep took the aword for best actress in a comedy for her portlayor of the American TV cheaf, the last Julia Child in Julie and Julia.

The most of celebraties worn ribbons in support of the peoples of Haiti. The TV watchers are encouraging to give money. The organisers of the show, the Holywood Forein Press Association, said they were donating $100,000 to the earthquake relief fund.

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