[BBC News] Pensioners accused kidnapping


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In Germany, if you think your financial advisor has been giving bad advice and messing up your investments, you can go to the regulators, you can go to the police. But, in Bavaria, one group of pensioners stands accued of employing much more direct method of registering their dissaticfaction. They’re on trial for kidnapping their financial advisor and holding him hostage.

Four senior citizens, aged between 63 and 79 had invested nearly three and a half millon dollars to the US market and lost it all in the sub-prime morgage meltdown. They’d conclude that who’d handled the investment should now reimburse them.

According to prosecutors, last summer the pensioner possy plus one accomlice abducted the financial advisor out of his house, tied him, gagged him, put him in a box, and transport him in the boot of a cat 450 killometers to the lakeside retreat.

He claims to have spent four days locked in the celler there and to have been tortured. After agreeing their demands, the prisoner was allowed to sand a fax to Switzland arranging payment. He concealed the prase ‘Call the police’ in the text and the alram is raised. Soon after, a crack team of commanders came to the recue.

On the opening day of the trial, the 74 year old aged ringleader of the gang avoided using the word ‘kidnap’. He said he and his co-defandants had only wanted to treat their guest to a couple of days holiday in Bavaria.