[BBC News] Toyota recall reaches Eupore


Toyota says the number of vehicles and the models that will be recalled in Europe, is still being investigated. It said in some rare cases the accelerator padal mechanism could become worn and stick while pressed down.

The same problem, which may cause a car to speed out of control, has lad to a recall of 2.3 million vehicles in North Ameria. Sales have been suspended of 8 eight Toyota models there, include the best-selling Carmly. Productions will be stopped for at least a week in company’s fatories in the United States and Canada.

In the a seperate move, Toyota is recalling over 5 million vehicles in the United States to change replace accelerators which could become stuck under floor mates mats. Some vehicles are affacted by both problems.

The safety concerns are damaging Toyota’s reputation for reliability and quality, whitch helpled it to overtake General Motors to become the world’s biggest car maker. In Tokyo the company’s shares fell by 3.9% on Thursday on the top of a 4.3% drop on Wednesday.

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