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로드존슨의 키노트로 Spring One 2008이 시작.

Spring Core
Spring 2.5 on the Way to 3.0
OSGi Programming Mode
Using Spring Security 2
Spring Transaction Choices for Performance
Five Aspects You Don’t Know About
Working with Hibernate with Spring 2.5
Open Forum with Rod Johnson
Applying the Spring Frameworks for Model-Driven Architecture
Making Sense of AOP Choices
– Spring Architecture and Best Practices

Spring Enterprise
Enterprise Application Management
Enterprise Development Tools for Spring
Spring Dynamic Modules for OSGi
Enterprise Integration with Spring Batch
Enterprise Integration Patterns with Spring

Spring Web
Decorating Web Pages with AJAX using Spring JavaScript
Using Spring Web Services
What’s new in Spring MVC 2.5 and beyond
JavaServerFaces – The Biggest Loser of Java Web Frameworks?
RESTful Web Services in Spring
Spring Web Flow 2.0 Deep Dive

Spring In Production
Spring – Case Study
Persistence Tuning for the Spring Environments
Introduction to the Springsource Application Platform
Building Web Applications with the Springsource Application Platform
Inside SpringSource Application Platform
Classloading in OSGi

Partner Talk
EclipseLink–High Performance Persistence for Spring
– Case study – Spring and Spring MVC in Production
Model Centric Design and Development of RIAs for Spring

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