[SpringOne 2011] Spring 발표 자료

updated: AM 9:30 2011/11/03

Day 1

– Keynote: Adrian Colyer: Slide

Day 2

– Spring 3.1 Themes and Features: Juergen Hoeller: PDF
– You want to do *WHAT* in the browser!? A heretic’s guide to building the “impossible” on the modern web.: Jeremy Grelle
– An Introduction to Spring Data: Oliver Gierke: SlideShare
– Polyglot Messaging with RabbitMQ: Rob Harrop
– Production Proven Methods of Running Enterprise Java on vSphere: Emad Benjamin: PDF

– Case Study: Slinky – Elastic Spring: Using Spring frameworks to enable Public/Private Cloud environments.: Lee Faus: PDF
– What’s New in Spring MVC 3.1: Rossen Stoyanchev: Slide: Demo: Showcase: Greenhouse
– Data Access for Modern Applications: Costin Leau and James Williams: PDF
– Spring Integration – Practical Tips and Tricks: Oleg Zhurakousky
– Running Spring Java and Scala apps on Heroku: James Ward: PDF

– Configuration Enhancements in Spring 3.1: Chris Beams and Rossen Stoyanchev: Code: Code: Slide
– Modern JavaScript: Keith Donald: PDF
– Writing applications for Cloud Foundry using Spring and MongoDB: Thomas Risberg: PDF
– Enterprise Integration – The seriously nasty stuff: John Davies: PDF
– Zero to Facebook in seconds with Spring Social and Heroku: John Simone

– Spring Tooling Update – New and Noteworthy: Andy Clement and Martin Lippert: PDF
– What’s new in Spring Roo 1.2: Alan Stewart and James Tyrrell: PDF
– vFabric Data Director and vPostgres in the Real World: Dan Green
– Messaging for Modern Applications: Tom McCuch: PDF, Code
– How to get the most out of Spring and Google App Engine: Chris Ramsdale: PDF

– Scala for Java Programmers: Ramnivas Laddad: PDF
– The Rise of OAuth: Craig Walls: PDF
– Spring Data Graph – hands on session: Michael Hunger: PDF
– Using Spring Data and NoSQL from Groovy: Jon Brisbin
– Building Apps in the Wild – real Spring on Google App Engine: Justin Hartung

– Technical Keynote: Ben Alex: Slide

Day 3

– Using PHP with Java/Spring in the Cloud: Maciej Skierkowski
– Mobile Web Development with HTML5: Roy Clarkson and Keith Donald: PDF
– Spring Data JPA – Repositories done right: Oliver Gierke
– Insight Plugin Development: John Kew and Gary Russell: PDF
– Cloud Foundry Boot Camp: Dave McCrory

– Getting Involved with Spring 101: Chris Beams: Slide
– Making the Mobile Web Native with PhoneGap: Roy Clarkson and Keith Donald: PDF
– Polyglot Persistence for Java Developers – Moving Out of the Relational Comfort Zone: Chris Richardson
– Implementing Scalable HA Architectures with Spring Integration: Gary Russell and David Turanski: PDF
– Cloud Foundry with Spring Part One: Applications: Scott Andrews, Ramnivas Laddad, and Tal Salmona: PDF

– Getting Started with Spring Security 3.1: Rob Winch: Github
– Upgrading to Tomcat 7: Filip Hanik
– Behind the Scenes at Spring Batch: Josh Long: PDF
– Bringing Code2Cloud and Back Again: Lucas Panjer: PDF
– Cloud Foundry with Spring Part Two: Services: Scott Andrews, Jennifer Hickey, and Ramnivas Laddad: PDF

– Identity Management with Spring Security: Dave Syer: PDF
– Native Android Development Practices: Roy Clarkson and Josh Long: PDF
– Deliver Performance and Scalability with Ehcache and Spring: Eric Mizell: PDF
– Case Study: Extending extensible web services using Spring and other goodies: Jon Cook and Chris Richardson
– Cloud Foundry: Inside the Machine: Derek Collison: PDF

– Tuning Java for Virtual Environments with EM4J: Benjamin Corrie
– Get your users to build apps for you: Edward Callahan and Derek Henninger
– Understanding Java Garbage Collection and what you can do about it: Gil Tene: PDF
– Evented Data with RabbitMQ: Jon Brisbin
– Architecture choices for Scalable Cloud Apps: Mark Fisher and Thomas Risberg

Day 4

– Whoops, where did my architecture go?: Oliver Gierke
– Spring Social: For the New Web of APIs: Craig Walls: PDF
– Basic application development with Spring Roo and SQLFire.: Jeff Markham: PDF
– Spring and Platform Interoperability: Stephen Bohlen

– Tailoring Spring for Custom Usage: Josh Long: PDF
– Spring 3.1 and MVC Testing Support: Sam Brannen and Rossen Stoyanchev: Code: Github
– Declarative Business Logic for Hibernate/JPA: Max Tardiveau
– Spring Integration – Practical Tips and Tricks … Continued: Oleg Zhurakousky